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Wage rates. Employee classifications. Apprenticeship standards. Pension and health regulations. Compliance issues and related enforcement procedures.


Today, keeping informed – knowing the law, your options and your responsibilities – in these critical areas can pose a real challenge.


Accordingly, a significant portion of FFC resources is directed toward streamlining the process associated with keeping the contractor/public agency community knowledgeable in a rapidly changing environment.


A fast, dependable source of reliable information


For both contractors and public agencies, FFC serves as a ready and dependable information resource. The organization maintains complete and current data on regulations related to prevailing wage rates and other public works laws, and FFC personnel are prepared to answer questions related to these issues.


An ongoing program of seminars and workshops


Providing information and assistance to agencies responsible for public works projects is a primary FFC function. The organization regularly conducts seminars that not only keep these agencies abreast of applicable state and federal laws, but cover far more extensive areas.


Similar educational programs for employers can provide a sense of confidence in regard to wage and labor law compliance and help avoid problems related to insufficient knowledge or inaccurate interpretation of existing regulations.


The bottom line…informed participants, better public works project


With knowledge of the law, understanding of the procedures, and a commitment to fairness, both agencies and contractors can be assured of public works projects that are awarded fairly and constructed in compliance with the law. The net result is that California’s citizens can count on receiving the best possible finished product in return for their investment. Studies (by both independent and government organizations) have shown that contractors who comply with the wage and hour laws are inclined to comply with other aspects of contract specifications, which leads to better built projects.

The FFC does not provide legal representation. The officers and staff of the FFC are dedicated professionals; but we do not provide legal representation to workers or contractors. If workers or contractors need legal representation, we can refer you to attorneys who are experienced and skilled in this area of law. We have no fee sharing arrangements with any attorneys; so if we do refer someone to an attorney, we will receive no fees or any other revenue from such a referral.

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