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California Labor Code

California Code of Regulations

Industrial Welfare Commission Order No. 16 (IWC 16)

Public Works Manual

Labor Law Requirements Checklist

Thresholds for Public Works Projects

California Housing Programs **NEW**

Public Agency Responsibilities 

Labor Code 1726      The body awarding the contract for public work shall take cognizance...


Labor Code 1727      Before making payment to the contractor, the awarding body shall...


Labor Code 1771.1   Confirm contractor and/or subcontractor registration...

Registration: Qualified Contractor/Subcontractor Search

SB 854 - Important Information for Awarding Bodies

Precautionary Legal Notice to Awarding Bodies

Labor Code 1773.2   Include prevailing wage determinations in call for bids, bid specifications, and contract,

                                   maintain at its principal office and cause a copy to be posted at each job site...

Prevailing Wage Determinations

Superseded Prevailing Wage Determinations

Public Works Payroll Reporting Form

Statement of Employer Payments (Fringe Benefit Statement)

Labor Code 1773.3   (a) (1) An awarding agency shall provide notice to the Department of Industrial Relations

                                    of any public works contract...

Public Work Projects Registration for All Awarding Agencies (PWC Form 100)

Labor Code 1777.5   Registered apprentices on public works...

Public Works Apprenticeship Requirements


Public Works Pre-Qualification of Contractors

All awarding bodies continue to share responsibility to monitor and enforce compliance on public works

and should review the Labor Commissioner's precautionary notice.

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