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Underground Economy


A message from our colleague at the Board of Equalization/TRaCE Task Force:

Whether you know it or not, the people who operate in the “underground economy” are taking money out of your pocket. Underground economy refers to individuals or businesses that deal in cash and/or use other schemes to conceal their activities, identities, and true tax liability from licensing, regulatory, and taxing agencies.


The new TRaCE Task Force joins state and federal resources to collaboratively investigate, prosecute and recover revenue lost to the underground economy.  The TRaCE Task Force is comprised of the following agencies, Alcoholic Beverage Control, Board of Equalization, California Department of Justice, Employment Development Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Franchise Tax Board, Homeland Security Investigations and the California Office of the Attorney General. 

Tax Evasion—Report it, don’t ignore it!

You can do your part to help stop criminal tax evasion, labor fraud, piracy, counterfeiting, human trafficking and other crimes by reporting it to the TRaCE Task Force.

I can be reached at (916) 261-3003 if you have any additional questions.  Thank you.     


Gina Fong

Business Taxes Administrator III

Board of Equalization/TRaCE Task Force

(916) 261-3003 

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